Thursday, July 18, 2013

Teaching and Makin' Omelettes.

So this week hasn't been very eventful until today! It continues to amaze me how quickly something can change, it doesn't take much in this life to change it.
So this afternoon I was talking with my best friend Kylee and we were talking about me living with her in the next couple of months. You see the original plan had been that I would move in with her in August but money was a thorn in my side (like it always is) and I was unable to get a plane ticket to get there so I was just going to wait till September and drive up with another friend. Anyway, we were talking and then suddenly an option that hadn't been there before appeared; I had a job waiting for me as a substitute teacher! But this was the kicker, In order to get the job I had to be at a teaching seminar and it was on august 12th and I really didn't have a way to get there. Then Kylee, being the awesome, amazing, beautiful, funny, fantastic, great and wonderful friend she is offers to pay for my plane ticket out there so that I don't have to miss this awesome chance!
Well back to my thinking, its always hard for me to be spontaneous and plus I had JUST started with McDonald's and I felt pretty bad for doing that to my boss since we are pretty good friends.

So I had to think of the benefits....

  1. Guaranteed job
  2. $75-80 a day!
  3. Weekends and Holidays are always off
  4. Work from morning till afternoon
  5. I will have the job pretty much as long as I need it
  6. Its something other than fast food!
  7. It looks good on a resume.
  8. I'll be in Idaho sooner
  9. I'll be able to save more money for school
  10. Make other working skills
Soo when I took those 10 things into consideration and the fact that I was going to get a free ride up there  it seemed like a pretty sweet idea and as my awesome friend Kylee would say "Kirsta, you would be retarded not to take this chance." So BAM! in a span of 30 minutes my ticket was bought and I had made the deal to head to Idaho on the 29th! Craazy.
I do feel bad for doing that to my boss but I think they will be okay and I know they will understand when I explain to them that this is a one time chance practically and its a great way to remain financially secure, which I have never been before.

I guess the phrase "You cant make an omelette without breaking some eggs" applies to this situation.

Okay so here is the spiritual thought: The Lord can only show us the door, we are the ones that choose to walk through it. (I thought that was pretty relevant to the topic :-) )

Till next time,
Live long and prosper!

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