Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry Potter and Zombies

So I was apart of the millions of people that went to go see the last Harry Potter at a ridiculously early hour, only instead of 12 I was there at 3 am. All I have to say is that it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! By far it is the best the of the series. The actors have grown greatly and emotions were intense and the action kept you at the edge of your seat. . plus it made me tear up a little, I NEVER TEAR UP at movies. This however was the exception, the great, great exception. It goes needless to say that this movie has the coveted Kirsta's stamp of approval. I can't go much further than this cause I do not want to spoil things but if you have been on the fence let me push you over and say GO AND SEE IT!

Now on to other important topics. Currently I would like to address America's obsession with. . .ZOMBIES! Yes, Zombies, it has become a huge topic of discussion amongst me and my friends and amongst Americans all around. Will it be the next apocalypses? What kind of Zombies are more likely than others? Well through my extensive studies I have come to conclusion that the Zombies we will more than most likely face wont actually start out as Zombies, at least the way we know them, they will start out as the sick and feeble, and then BAM! they will go crazy. It will start out as a virus but will soon get out of control. Yes, that is my prediction. If you would like to see it come to life watch 28 DAYS LATER starring Cillian Murphy.
Also I used to think living in a fortified house in the swamps was the  best idea, ya know since the water and wild life would be all around for natural protection, but talking with Jacq (my local associate on the matter) I have realized that up in the freezing cold mountains would be a better idea.

Here are the reasons.
1. Because its high up and zombies aren't very good at climbing.
2. It is so cold the Zombies would freeze before reaching us.
3. It also acts as the safe point from the non infected humans who have gone insane.

In conclusion.
America's obsession with this topic is both good and bad. It keeps us aware but also keeps us experimenting. . . I will start looking for land available in the mountains.

Till next we speak.

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